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Translation from French to English or English to French – We can find the words to say it

Ampelograph offers French-English / English-French translation services covering most subject matter (except medical), with particular emphasis on the world of wine (hence the name: gr. ampelos – vine, graphos – write) and other specialisms.

Our main areas of expertise are (but not limited to):

Wine (marketing communications and technical material)

Technical textiles (industrial, architectural and technical fabrics)

Filtration (liquid, solid, air)

Ecology and sustainable building

Our knowledge of sustainable buildings is based on practical experience of rendering old buildings energy efficient and living in sustainable buildings such as BedZED.

Energy efficient offices – view of BedZED wind cowls and PV panels










We are experts at getting to grips with specialist or technical subjects in general.

More than translators, we are cultural experts and can offer crucial insights leading to enhanced understanding for you and for the people you wish to reach.

Whatever your industry or your needs we will always give you the very best personal advice and service. We want to get your message across or let you hear the incoming message, loud and clear.


What our customers say about us

It’s nice to receive compliments for work well done. So here are a few things our customers have said to us recently.

“Thank you for your excellent service. We really appreciate your expertise in this area”.

“We would like to thank you for the great translations…our customers appreciate the well-written and consistent documentation we provide”.

“Merci Beaucoup. Vous ĂȘtes un super site. GrĂące Ă  vous je ne vais plus m’embĂȘter”.

So they said it, not us. If you would like to know why, contact us, or get a quote.



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