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Terms & Conditions


You can ask us for a quote by submitting your text using the form provided on our website, or by emailing us your text. We can accept the formats indicated on our form.

We will respond to to your request as soon as possible, usually within a couple of hours and certainly within 24 hours.

In order to allow us to quote accurately please answer as many as possible of the following questions about the text to be translated:

-Who is the audience?

-What do you hope to achieve?

-What is the method of delivery/medium?

-How close to the original do you wish the translation to be?

-What is the overriding message you wish to communicate?

We may need to contact you again for more information before submitting our quote, but please note this is so that we can be sure to meet your needs precisely.

Full information on our way of working and the information we may require to achieve the required results can be found on the ‘How we work’ page.


Prices are quoted in GBP, Euros or USD (please indicate the currency required when requesting a quote) according to the number of words in the original text and any special requirements by the client. There will be a minimum charge of GBP 25 or equivalent whatever the length of the text. We will not charge you if your text is 50 words or less.

Submitting translations

Translations can be submitted either using our website or via email.

Completion of work

Work shall be completed within the deadline indicated on our quote and submitted to the client by email in .doc or .docx format or in the body of an e-mail, unless you require another format. The different format required should be confirmed by you upon acceptance of our quote.


Any query regarding the quality or accuracy of any work supplied by us should be raised within 48 hours of receipt. Work will be deemed to have been accepted in the absence of a query within this timeframe. Under special circumstances this timeframe may be extended, but this must be agreed in writing before the assignment is commenced.

In the event of a query or dispute we will endeavour to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution. If no solution can be agreed, any dispute or claim shall be governed by the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, except in cases of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, our entire liability for damages or other amounts arising out of or in connection with the services provided by us shall not exceed the total amount of payments made by the client.


Payment shall be made upon acceptance of our quote by card or transfer via the PayPal payment button on our invoice, or transfer to our bank account. Bank and other transfer charges are to be borne by the client. Under special circumstances credit terms can be agreed. An invoice will be sent to the client by email.

We reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of 2% per month on all amounts remaining overdue after the agreed due date.

Services may also be immediately suspended pending settlement of any amounts overdue.

We do not store your payment information, which is processed confidentially by our payment provider.


All information given to us, in whatever form, will be treated confidentially and will not be divulged to third parties.

No information will be stored in such a way as to make it available to third parties, for example in Cloud systems, or sent to machine translation (MT) platforms.

We will not share your personal information with any one else and only use it to contact you in connection with our business.


This site may use cookies to track site usage, but no personal information is stored by us.


All our services are covered by professional indemnity insurance. Policy details on request.

Company Information

Ampelograph Limited is registered in England and Wales. Company number 8031229. Ampelograph Limited is not currently registered for VAT.