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Who we are and how we work

Who we are

We are language specialists translating ideas from French to English and from English to French.

More than translators, we are cultural specialists and know how things are said rather than just substituting one word for another.

We can offer valuable insights leading to enhanced understanding for you and for the people you wish to reach.

We are not machines, so you get our full personal attention. We use our brains rather than machine translation to help you get your message across or understand the ideas behind the text.

Why choose us ?

In a crowded market you must stand out in every way possible – this includes everything about you and the way you present yourself to the world.

We have in-depth knowledge of French and English in a professional environment, the result of successful careers both in France and the United Kingdom.

Our long experience in our areas of expertise will ensure that nothing gets lost in translation.

Areas of expertise

We are wine specialists having trained and worked in the industry with particular interest in all things organic and biodynamic.

Other areas
We are also industry specialists in screen printing, filtration and technical textiles.

We have a keen interest in ecobuilding and building energy conservation.
We are horticulturists and plant specialists.

If we are asked to translate in an area which is new to us we will thoroughly research it before taking on the work.

Our qualifications and experience

WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) Advanced
Plumpton College – Wine Production
Trinity College Dublin – BA Hons French-Spanish
Wine sourcing and sales – in UK
Sales and marketing – in France, Switzerland, UK etc

How we work

Every translation we complete undergoes several stages and processes ensuring the final text satisfies the brief as a translation and is an accurate response to the needs of our customers. The general procedure we go through is as follows:

1. Appraisal of customer needs

We need to be sure of what is required in terms of audience, purpose, style, closeness to the source language and we will ask you questions about these aspects of the work to be done.

2. Appraisal and examination of the text to be translated

We will read and examine the source carefully and anticipate any difficulties relating to ambiguity, terminology and anything else, and resolve them before we start to do any translating.

3. Research into specific technical fields and their terminology

We may need to do research into the specific field covered by the source text using customer or other sources in order to understand processes and their terminology. This stage can require some time but is included in the price quoted.

4. Translation

We translate the text using CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) software. This software remembers everything we translate and will automatically suggest matches to ensure consistent style and terminology in this and all subsequent texts on the same subject. The translation will be checked for any obvious errors or omissions.

5. Revision, review and proofreading

We revise every word in the target text for accuracy compared to the source and consistency in terminology, grammar, style, and anything else required by the target language and its conventions or the customer brief.

We will then review it solely as a text in the target language for fitness of purpose and appropriateness.

A final proofreading will ensure the target text is ready for publication.